How To Choose A Name For Your Small Business

One of the most important decisions you will make as a small business owner is choosing your business name. While this may be an easy task for some business owners, for others it can be much more difficult. There are things that you can consider that may help to make choosing a business name a bit easier.

First, think simple. While you may want to come up with a name that will wow everyone who hears it, you may be better off just keeping it straight and to the point. The best way to begin the process of choosing your business name is to simply think about what you do and how you can best get that idea across to your customers or clients. Think about the plan for your business and strongly consider your target audience. You want to make it easy for them to remember your business name.

Think about the message that you want your business name to portray. Do you want something directly related to your products or services? What do you want your customers to think about when they hear your business name? Are you incorporating and need to add an LLC or other abbreviation? Think about the names of your competition and consider what you do and do not like about those names.

Once you have an idea of what you want to say with your business name, start brainstorming. Get others to help you. Ask friends and family to help brainstorm or run your ideas by them to see what they think. Getting outside opinions is a good way to ensure that your message is actually getting across and that the name is not too confusing to remember.
You will also need to consider whether or not the name that you want is actually available. You can check this online to see if someone else has trademarked the name that you want. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office offers an online search system where you can input the name that you want to see if it is already taken. If it is, you may need to go back to your brainstorming step and think of other names to check for availability.

Choosing the perfect name for your business may take time but it is time well spent. You want your business name to be so unique that it sticks in the minds of your future customers, so take time with this step and choose something that will highlight your business well.